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Cleaning oil tanks,ducts, sand contaminated by Oil and....


Our characteristics


Technology in the Petroleum Cleaning Solution, cleans and inert pipes and pressure vessels without the use of steam; alters the rheology of petroleum by reducing viscosity from 30% to 50%, inhibits corrosion rate, acts as a lubricant, eliminates existing lees, clears pipelines and activates marginal oil wells.

Best performance

products that improved performance through balanced formulation of humectant agents, oils and additives with high dissolving power of spilled oils, lees and etc. with a 30% higher performance than the other products of the same purpose and can be reused for other washing operations.

Environment and Safety

Commitment to the Planet and Respect Life, we developed biodegradable product with 70% higher than the most biodegradable products on the market. Our products are Ecologically correct, we are proud to know that we participate in the worldwide action of the recovery of our planet.


Incomparable Benefit with Financial Return, we reduced the operating time by at least 50%, opening new places of operations with significant reduction of accidents.

Why choose us

Because we have exclusive and innovative solution in the application of oil technology. We guarantee productivity and financial return with the shortest operating time. Unparalleled results with respect to the environment and life.

  • We have Knowledge and Experience.
  • Guaranteed Results Incomparable.
  • Capacity to Offer Solutions to the Challenges of our Clients..

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BDO2002 final action in oil lees

Final action of the BDO 2002 in contaminated sand

Final action of the BDO 2002 on rocky surfaces

Chemical cleaning performed on Deck P-20

Chemical Cleaning of Production Wells PM-08, PM-26 and PM - 34

Chemical cleaning and Inerting of Lung Vessel - Parágrafo 403525 Equipament CAT II

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